Your First Visit

On your first visit you can expect a personal and professional dialogue with Dr. Ott along with a thorough examination that will include a spinal health screening, posture analysis, health risk assessment, foot analysis, orthopedic/neurological testing and a referral for x-rays if needed. At Active Life San Diego Chiropractic and Sports Injury Prevention we pride ourselves on looking at the body as a whole and evaluating the joint bio-mechanics, muscle imbalances, nutrition and how these are benefiting or hindering our ability to stay active. We provide an individually tailored care plan for each person that walks in our doors. An objective of ours is to see if we can help you and whether you are a Chiropractic and stabilization rehab candidate. If we feel that we can help you and that you are going to benefit after the examination we will move forward with putting together a personalized care plan, if not then we will refer you to another professional that can provide you with what you need.